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Onyx Arranger / SE40 Comparison Chart
  General Modules, MIDI Processing Tools and Options!
  OA21 OA21LE SE40
Orchestrator Y Limited -
Harmonizer Y Limited Y
StyleMaker Y - -
AutoPhraser FX/Tool - FX/Tool
Chord Generator - - FX
Chord/Key Transposer Tool Tool Tool
Controller Adjuster FX/Tool - FX/Tool
Drum Adjuster FX/Tool - FX/Tool
Drums Generator - - FX
Event Filter FX/Tool Tool FX/Tool
FXs Applying (Option) Y - Y
Interpolator Tool Tool Tool
Line Generator - - FX
Main Track Manager Y - Y
MFX Chain (Option) Y - Y
Modeler FX/Tool - FX/Tool
Orchestrator Track Manager Y - -
Quantizer FX/Tool Tool FX/Tool
Shaper - - FX/Tool
Time Morpher - - FX/Tool
Time-Pitch Adjuster Tool Tool FX/Tool
Chord Audition (Option) Y Y Y


  General Features and Editing
OA21 OA21LE SE40
Tracks, measures, notes, events, envelope editing Y Y Y
Bank/Patch selection, Volume, Pan, Key+, Time+, Vel+, Mute/Solo control Y Y Y
Envelope controllers drawing Y Y Y
Chords Pane Y Y Y
Record/Play/Loop functions Y Y Y
Multi-port MIDI Output Y Y Y
Drag-and-drop operations Y Y Y
Customizable zoom ratios Y Y Y
Customizable toolbars Y Y Y
System and user-defined function presets Y Y Y
Embed summary information in Project Y Y Y
Brightness/Contrast controls and colors scheme selection Y Y Y
Sending of GM, GS, XG Sysx from the main toolbar Y Y Y
Import of Cakewalk .ins files Y Y Y
Controllers Optimization Y Y Y


  Orchestrating and OOStyle Data Control
OA21 OA21LE SE40
Selection of an OOStyle at any measure in a song Y Y -
Any number of OOStyles in any order Y Y -
Independent generation of arrangement modes for each OOStyle Y Y -
Flexible OOStyle structure and fill control Y Y -
Using OOStyle in any Meter (for example, 3/4 to 7/8 and vice-versa) Y Y -
Tempo/Meter adjustment to fit an OOStyle into a song Y Y -
Score Morphing for each chromatic track, and Drum Converter for a drum track Y Y -
Common Morphing Parameters Y Y -
Stretch modes of OOStyle data (2/1, 1/2) Y - -
User Fill mode Y Y -
Orchestrator Fill Mode Y - -
OOStyle Track Up / Down Function Y - -
Expanding/collapsing sections in Orchestrator dialog Y Y -


  Harmonizing and Chord System
OA21 OA21LE SE40
Recognition of Key/Scale and AutoSearch for the best harmony sequences Y Y Y
Indication of qualitative estimations of the recognized chord progressions Y Y Y
Automatic creation of the chord progressions in any Key chosen by a user Y Y Y
Selection of a harmonization style according to genre (Jazz, Pop, Classic, etc.) in basic scales: Major
Manage Harmonizer work from Song Manager Markers Y - Y
Harmonizer factory and user presets Y Y Y
Expanding/collapsing sections in the Harmonizer dialog Y Y Y
Two ways of chord visualization Y Y Y
Total number of chord types 100+ 100+ 100+
Saving, Opening and Adjusting chord progressions in different Meters Y Y Y
Indication of the chord attitude to the chosen (or recognized) Key/Scale Y Y Y


  Song Managing
OA21 OA21LE SE40
Selection of chords from a comprehensive list 1 Y Y Y
Selection of OOStyles from a comprehensive list 2 Y Y -
Markers, Lyrics, Chords inserting Y Y Y
Drag-and-drop markers editing Y Y Y


  StyleMaker Mode
OA21 OA21LE SE40
Open and select a part of a midi file to create an OOStyle Y - -
Automatic Track Type recognition (Bass, Chords, Pedal, Tune, Drums, Effects) Y - -
Process raw or edited data and save as an OOStyle Y - -
StyleMaker Assistant (for step by step support) Y - -


  Main and Orchestrator Tracks
OA21 OA21LE SE40
Clip editing for Orchestrator tracks Y Y Y
MIDI FX Chain creating and editing of each track Y - Y
Mute/Solo, Patch Change, Bank Change, Volume, Panning, etc. for each track Y Y Y
Main Track Manager Y - Y
Orchestrator Track Manager Y - -


  Additional Views, Tools and Options
OA21 OA21LE SE40
Piano-Roll view Y Y Y
Event List view Y Y Y
Keyboard view Y Y Y
Tempo view Y Y Y
Meter view Y Y Y
Sysx view Y Y Y
Auto Track Type definition Y Y Y
Chords Audition MIDI data rendering Y Y Y
Orchestrator Tracks rendering Y Y -


  OOStyle Sets
OA21 OA21LE SE40
Number of OOStyles 3 100+400 100+400 -


  PMStyle Sets
OA21 OA21LE SE40
Number of PMStyles 4 100 - 100

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